Our camps and tournaments provide the finest instruction and organization in the United States. We have outstanding teachers who administer a focused, well planned program that emphasizes fundamentals, attitude, and the joy playing the game at a high level. 

Using superior teaching techniques, our staff will break down all the elements of individual and team play. We will design drills to develop skills and provide both half and full field opportunities so each participant can develop their skills in a positive learning environment. Our method is that each skill session will be broken down into half hour segments.

We follow a specific teaching design called E.D.I.P. which is as follows:

  1. Educate: Our instructors will explain the skill.
  2. Demonstrate: We will demonstrate the skill for the players.
  3. Imitate: The players will “imitate” the skill so we know they understand the technique.
  4. Practice: During the practice or drill phase, we will give constant feed back to insure the players are doing the skills correctly and promote a high energy and positive learning environment.